About Us

Our Mission

As an independent service provider, our mission is to empower your management and workers with the knowledge and tools required to manage your business operations safely. We will endeavor to make your organization self sufficient and well equipped to deal with any occupational health and safety issues.The Safe Workplace strives to establish trusted partner relationships.

We offer on-site assistance to organizations who require Health and Safety expertise for continuing support, specific program development, specific training requirements, fixed cost or fixed duration engagements.

Our policies and practice includes up-front pricing, concise service agreements and flexible hours of availability.

Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism.


As former corporate senior management responsible for design, development and implementation of Health and Safety programs, we are sensitive to the effort required to successfully achieve a safe work environment.

Your firm will benefit from our extensive expertise acquired from private and non-profit work environments. We develop and support comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety programs in numerous business sectors including manufacturing, office, industrial, health care, transportation, finance and retail. We have trained managers and employees across Southern Ontario.